StayWell Infographics

  • Illustration
  • Page Layout
  • Typography

Software Utilized: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign

I worked with StayWell, who describes themselves as “a health engagement company that helps its clients engage and educate people to improve health and business results.” I was tasked twice with designing visual infographics that break down the information and education pieces they were developing.

Infographic Creative Brief

Client: The StayWell Company

Topic: Calorie Burn Infographic

This infographic lends itself to a simple side-by-side comparison. For example, the first item could show a simple drawing of a bagel with cream cheese. The descriptive text could be styled in a clean and plain way, not competing with the illustration. A large equal sign could be in the center column, and on the right show a figure doing the activity (for example, rowing), with descriptive text beneath.

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